November: Concordia Lutheran School

Hier findest du den Beitrag der Concordia Lutheran School. Er ist auf Englisch verfasst

Volunteer Work : Visit the elderly house

What are the goals of the institution?

Bring the young people and the elderly together, let the elderly share their life experiences and let the young people show their love. Taking care of the elderly living alone.


What makes the institution and the Project you worked in so special?

The activity usually holds during Christmas. This festival is related to family gathering. Also this is a good time to share about Jesus’s love.


Why is the Project that you helped in important for the community?


It keeps the connection between the elderly and the community. Besides visiting the elderly individually, the project includes gathering the elderly to join a Christmas celebrating party. It is usually cold during Christmas, the institution will also provide some food or clothes for the elderly which are useful for the elderly.


Where does Faith play a role in this Project?

For church to carry out this project. They share Jesus’s love and caring for the elderly.

(1 John 4:19) We love because he first loved us.