“In front of the castle church in Wittenberg 500 balloons are flying up to the sky. They carry personal thoughts of students from all over the world about earth’s future. The students have been working and celebrating together the whole day right in the middle … › Read more

The World Reformation Exhibition took place at Wittenberg, Germany, 20th May to 10th September 2017. As one of more than 80 exhibitioners GPENreformation participated in this major event during the so-called Reformation Summer 2017 at the birthplace of the Reformation itself. Under the name “talents’tent … › Read more

The very first and very festive week passed by at the World Reformation Exhibition in Wittenberg. An exciting time for everyone involved. The talents’tent team welcomed the first guest at the pavilion of schools500reformation/GPENreformation. The week started with a really special highlight: the first time … › Read more